What to Look for in Your Next Mattress Purchase

There comes a time in every person’s (or couple’s) life when they have to break down and get a new mattress. This is especially true for people who have trouble sleeping because of a mattress that sags, peaks, or allows springs to poke through.

But before you can acquire a new mattress, you have to decide exactly what you want in one. After all, the days of one or two mattress choices are behind us – and the newest products and sleeping features in today’s marketplace may be overwhelming for someone who hasn’t bought a new mattress in years.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you make your next mattress purchase:

1. How big do you want it?

The first decision you must make is the amount of space you have in your bedroom for your mattress. All mattresses are between 75 and 80 inches in length (although California Kings are 84 inches long), but they differ widely when it comes to width. Twin size mattresses are 39 inches wide, while mattresses for double beds have a width of 54 inches. Queen mattresses are exactly five feet wide, while king size mattresses are 75 inches in width. California kings are just 72 inches wide.

2. Do you prefer fabric or memory foam?

A couple decades ago, memory foam was little more than a novelty for buyers at the top end of the mattress market. But today, almost every mattress manufacturer puts out a product line of memory foam mattresses. Memory foam lets your body sink in to the mattress to make you feel like the bed is cradling you. It also does an excellent job of keeping movements localized – so that sleepers are much less likely to notice the tossing, turning, and repositioning of their sleeping partners.

If you’ve never tried memory foam, you should lie on one of these types of mattresses for several minutes the next time you visit a mattress store or furniture retailer. The experience is markedly different from that of standard fabric mattresses. In the end, the answer to the fabric-versus-memory foam debate really comes down to your individual preference.

3. What do you want on top?

As technologically advanced as the interior of a mattress is, it’s the top of it which will be pressing up against your body at night. For some people, the feel of a new mattress is more than enough to provide them with the support they need; but others prefer a little extra padding on top. They may opt to purchase a pillow top mattress, which comes with one or more additional down-filled layers on top of the actual mattress. Also, more top-layer cushioning can be found in a plush top mattress, which is nothing more than an extra layer of padding. crib mattress review

Customers who don’t like memory foam but do enjoy the sensation of being “cradled” by their mattress will probably like the pillow top option. The plush top style appeals to people who feel that almost every standard mattress on the market is not soft enough for them.

4. What do you want on the bottom?

For years, mattress makers have been providing box springs as the platform of choice for new mattresses. The basic box spring unit has not really changed over the last several decades. When pressure is applied to the mattress, a functional box spring distributes the weight evenly, which helps to extend the life of the mattress it is supporting.

More recently, mattress makers have been including solid foundations underneath some of their mattresses. These foundations are less flexible than their box spring counterparts, thus offering a firmer base of support for the sleeper. Also, foundations tend to last longer than box springs because they don’t have as many moving parts that can wear out. Again, personal preference is the biggest determining factor for picking a box spring over a foundation or vice-versa – and some people really don’t care which one they have.

5. Will you go to the mattress, or will the mattress come to you?

Traditionally, the mattress buying process involved driving to a mattress store, trying out some mattresses, looking for the features that you want, making your purchase, and either taking it home in your personal vehicle or having it shipped to your home via delivery service. But for the Internet-savvy consumer who knows what he or she wants, ordering a new mattress online may be an attractive option.

All you have to do is enter the size and type of Serta Mattresses you’re looking for, browse through as many choices as you like, select the features and add-ons you want, and complete your purchase electronically. The mattress will then be shipped right to your door shortly thereafter. This is especially appealing to people who despise aggressive or nagging in-store salespeople at mattress stores.

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